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​​fine interior carpentry


Kaspar is a skilled carpenter living in the Haliburton area. He is known for his eye for detail and the ability to provide a quality service and product. A long history of great past employers and fabulous customers has allowed him to become a very skillful carpenter that can meet and exceed expectations.  Although he likes to concentrate on the finishing aspects of home building and renovating, most projects require a broad knowledge of all aspects of the building trade. Kaspar has this experience. He can provide a well thought out product that can be enjoyed for many years.


Kaspar was born in Haliburton and is the fifth generation to live there. After living in a number of places around the country he moved back to Haliburton in 1998. When he met his wonderful wife they decided to make the area their permanent home. They started their family and had a son. Having lived in other locations, Kaspar and Amy knew that Haliburton is great place to raise a family.


Carpentry was a part time and summer job for Kaspar during high school and college.  After moving back to the Haliburton area he took a job as a finish carpenter with a well know contractor. During this period he was able to work on high end homes and cottages. He was able to learn new skills and develop his own techniques. Now working on his own, he has expanded this knowledge and provides a service that is incomparable to others. This includes a great finished product and outstanding customer service.


What’s the difference? Kaspar treats every project like it is his own. He treats his clients in the same why he would expect to be treated. Building and renovating can be a stressfull time for some.  But Kaspar’s respect for his clients and their home makes every project an enjoyable and exiting experience. Let Kaspar‘s creativity and experience make your next project a professionally built and organized event.



"Kaspar "gets it". Unlike most carpenters he has a very creative mind and takes great pride in his work. He could visualize what we were trying to achieve in our post and beam home and the quality of his work exceeded our expectations. We would strongly recommend him to anyone."                                                                                          

                                                                                                                Micheal Peirce





" We are more than satisfied with the work that Kaspar did for us! The bathroom is simply perfect- beyond our expectations! Other finishing jobs, from simple shelving to entrance cladding are made with care and fine workmanship. We highly recommend him personally and professionally!"


                                                                                      Shelley Beach

Kaspar Brohm

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